The engineering tourist consultant specializing in rural tourism development.
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CV Jean-Paul Henry

Jean-Paul HENRY

Jean-Paul HENRY (1953)


Education and training

  • M.A. in Economics and Social Sciences from the Catholic University of Louvain
  • Graduate in Marketing from CIFEM ? ICHEC-Entreprises (Brussels)
  • Diploma in Exporting/Marketing from the International Trade Invest Institute (Brussels).
  • Languages: bilingual French - English

Basic skills

  • General auditing of the strategic and innovation management of enterprises and institutions
  • Assessment and design of new products/services
  • Creativity sessions
  • Financial engineering for regional and European projects

References - Public sector

  • Researcher at the Luxembourg University Foundation, Arlon, 1979-1981
  • Project Head at the Walloon Rural Foundation ? Local development, marketing, new projects, Arlon 1982-1990

References - Private sector

  • Since 1993, Founder-chairman of Créaction International (SA in Luxembourg and sprl at Saint-Léger), innovation and technology transfer consultancies.
  • Manager of the Belgian space technology network for the European Space Agency. This has led him to assess the potential benefit of ESA projects for foreign companies in the space sector like Peugeot, Renault, Balteau, etc...
  • Developing technologies for the analysis and strategy development of innovative enterprises and assessing the commercial potential of the research results of research centres and universities.
  • Wide experience in setting up and managing European networks for the European Commission in the fields of enterprise creation and financing, marketing and regional development.
  • Involved in several Interreg technology transfer projects in the cross-border region of Saar - Lorraine ? Luxembourg ? Trier ? Rhineland ? Palatinate ? Wallonia.